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Monday, October 16, 2006

One more thing...

Please keep me in your thoughts. I am wrestling with a bout of bronchitis, and can't get rid of my cough. It seems like a trifling thing, but I really want to be well.

I am also wrestling with where my career is going next. I'm not sure that the Local Technical College is going to continue to be my workplace for very much longer. I've just started my third year as a full-timer, but things are not very nice there right now. I can't really share a lot (on the off-chance that some of you out there work at the LTC and might get me in a mound of trouble), but I will say that corruption and loss of focus on the right things can really destroy a good thing. When we lose our ability to consider the students as customers and consumers of what we are offering, and we begin to think that destroying the careers of others is a valid activity if it means that we gain more power, then we need to stop and rethink our goals.

Maybe I'm an idealist (most of my friends would give a resoundning, YES!), but why can't we just do what we're supposed to do and take care of our students. Without them, we are a set of empty buildings, and a set of empty instructors. We could just as easily be flipping burgers at the nearby McDonalds, or serving lattes at the nearest Starbucks.

I got into education to help people gain a better life in the same way I did--by getting a higher education. Instead, I'm witness to people hurting others for forward their own careers, people ignoring the students that need the most help, and people acting like they own the universe because they have a title in front of their name.
All of this breaks my heart.

So, anyway, be sure to lift up prayers and the like for me and the rest of my friends at the LTC.


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