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Friday, August 04, 2006

A Week into My "Fishing Trip"

I'm a week into my eHarmony membership. So far the results have been exactly two possibilities. One possibility turned out to be in another relationship already (go him!), while the other is "away from his e-mail for a while." What does that mean? The positive, perky side of me (the one that would be a soccer mom if I let her out) says, "It's summer, and he's an active, single man. He's on vacation."


My cynical, self-critical side says, "He read your profile and got spooked.This is what you get for saying up front that your kids come first."

What I'm not sure I understand is why there have been no new matches for me since this one put me on hold ("Please hold for the next available love of your life."). My friend who met her husband through eHarmony tells me that I need to be patient. I'm trying my best. Still I'm sort of amazed that I wouldn't have more matches considering the thousands of singles who try eHarmony. I guess that could be a good thing. Maybe the profile thing makes it harder for the wrong guy to get through. So maybe having fewer matches is a good thing.

It doesn't, however, make the waiting any easier.

My kids found out about me doing this today because I checked my account and my son saw what I was doing. I had planned to keep them out of it until later. My son was amazed ("You really did it?"), and my daughter was indifferent, although I expect that I will hear more from her once it really sinks in. As much as I want to keep my "adult, private life" out of their faces (they get enough of that from other people), it's hard to be discreet about my desire to date. The kids will probably be good about it when I really start, but I know it will be hard, especially for my son, to take in the fact that mom is going out with men after being single for so long. Of course, my daughter would deny having any disparaging feelings about me dating ("Mom, you're analyzing this way too much."). I guess we won't know till it actually starts happening.

At this rate, it may not happen till I'm in my fifties.

Stayed tuned...


  • At 11:12 AM, Blogger Kelly said…

    I did the eHarmony thing for a while (when I was a point in my life that I had time for dating - rofl). I did meet a great guy through it, one that I dated for 2 years. We left each other mutually, the first healthy end I have had to a relationship. But, I know what you mean about the waiting. I decided to go back after being gone for a while and the new matches were few and far between. It was very frustrating! As for the kids and dating thing, I'm of no help there. I never introduced my daughter to this guy - maybe i'm a little TOO overprotective? LOL

  • At 2:08 AM, Blogger knowwriter said…

    As a grown woman I had a hard time accepting that my parents were grown-ups and were going to date other people. I guess part of me was still holding to hope that they would some day get back together.


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