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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Man Day...Oops...Father's Day

Tomorrow we are having a very special episode of Going to Church with Jess and the Kids. See, tomorrow is Father's Day--that day when we celebrate fatherhood. Our church, in an attempt to be inclusive, has deemed this fine day "Bring the Men in Your Life to Church Day" by our worship committee, and "Man Day" by me and Gina.

I know that my church means well. I know that they look at this as a chance to get people to come to church. It's all good...really. I just am not sure they really thought out what they were doing here.

It is easy to assume a few things about this sort of "holiday:"

1. Everyone gets on with their father (or mother if it's Mother's Day).

2. Everyone has a man in their life that they can bring to church.

The truth of the matter is often not in line with these assumptions. There are children who would rather not celebrate Father's Day. Perhaps their fathers are deceased, or even worse, their fathers are not the sort of fathers you want to celebrate. What about the kids that have never met their father and wouldn't know him if he passed them on the street?

There are also people with no men in their lives. I actually have only two very close men in my life. My dad, who is a great guy, and Stuart, who is growing into his manliness at age 10. I do have other male friends, but mostly I only see them at work and school, and they are usually married and have other Sunday obligations. My own dad has to be at his church this Sunday for their celebration. So, how many men am I bringing to church? One--Stuart. He is at my side every Sunday, so I don't think he'll count.

Now, some would argue that it is my own fault I don't have a man in my life. It has been said that I am smart, funny, and rather attractive, so I should be able to have a man in my life if I really want him there. I'm not so sure, and maybe it's that uncertainty that causes me to be manless. Perhaps it's that same uncertainty that causes me to ache just a bit when we celebrate "Man Day" at church. Celebrating "Man Day" feels like someone is pointing out that there is no man in my life, which I know isn't really the case at all; no one would be so callous as to point out that missing component in my life.

I have tried to take a positive outlook on this whole episod
e. Maybe "Man Day" will allow me to meet some interesting men. Gina and Stuart, however, think that this take is rather, to put it in Gina's preteen word, "Pathetic." I don't think she's right, however. I really want to look at all the possibilties that are thrown at me.

Perhaps "Man Day" won't be so bad. At least maybe the view will be good! Now if I can do more than just open my eyes to the possibilities. I can look all day long, but I still have to open my heart to it.

Happy "Man Day" to all my male readers. If you happen to also be a parent (I know some of you are), Happy Dad's Day as well. Thank you for participating in your kiddo's lives. One day, not now, they will thank you for it.


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