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Thursday, March 23, 2006

When Do Our Daughters Need to be Warriors?

Ours is a scary time period. Unfortunately, the day of safely walking to school, playing in the woods, and going on adventures is slipping away. Usually, we teach our children to not talk or get in the car with strangers, but what happens when the stranger pulls a gun on our children and commands them to get in their car? What then? You teach them to fight like this girl from Toledo!

This girl was smart. She immediately found a way to look for a weapon, and then didn't even hesitate to use it. A hammer to the groin is not exactly what Mr. Pervert had in mind, I'm sure. I think this makes a strong point (not just to the guy with hammer marks in a very private place). We are so worried about teaching our kids to "be nice" to "be polite" that sometimes we forget, especially with our girls, to teach them to defend themselves. We need to remember to nurture not only the natural female instinct of kindness (which is easy to recognize), but also the part of women that will fight for important people and things. It's that fighting attitude that will often save our girls from harm. Even cops will say that a woman that looks confident, and that she might be trouble will often not be targeted by attackers.

We can pretend that this sort of thing won't happen. And maybe, just maybe it won't. Part of being a visible woman is sometimes being able and ready to defend ourselves in times of troubles. I'm not saying that we should act like Xena, Warrior Princess (although she is very cool), or teach our daughters the Xena war cry, but we should teach them to be self-sufficient, and unafraid to stand up for herself or others.

From all of us visible women around the world--"You go, girl!"


  • At 12:35 PM, Blogger Willena said…

    I think that all women should have the ability to be polite and the savvy to know when politeness won't take you any further--when they just need to kick butt! I've been known to check what my nieces and nephews have been taught about interacting with strangers. (My siblings can think I'm batty.)

  • At 6:45 PM, Blogger Sali said…

    This is a scary time indeed, what with the 1950s coming back en vogue--from the pages of fashion magazines to the Disney channel, I see the subversive quieting down of women and girls starting up all over again. I believe women should put value on defending herself and in being smart--being elegant shouldn't be the most important value to aspire to.


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