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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Visibility on a Surreal Level

This has been a surreal week for A Woman Visible and your's truly. Last Saturday, I found a comment on this blog that shocked and surprised me. A producer from CNN (yes, that CNN), left a comment and was interested in interviewing me about office spouses. I was thrilled, but was unsure if this was a real request, or just some weirdo attempting to get closer to me. One of the dangers of being visible online is that sometimes weirdos are drawn to the light. After asking some very pointed questions, and getting some very strong answers, I discovered that Richard and his request was very real.

I talked to him on Tuesday as I drove home from work. I had assumed that it was going to be a one shot, phone interview and that would be that. It was pretty surreal, but nothing I couldn't handle. Then he dropped the bomb--"Would you mind being on camera while talking about this?" I almost wrecked the van right on Powder Springs Road. I stuttered a moment. Then I realized just how big this had become.

I told Richard that I'd have to talk to my superiors. Right now I'm waiting on the PR guy at school to say the word. If all goes well, you may be able to see me on TV sometime in the near future.

See what online journaling can do to your life?

When I signed up to be visible, I didn't exactly have this in mind.

Stay tuned...


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