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Friday, March 31, 2006

One Pink Manhattan, Please!

Yesterday, I had a visitor to this website that turned out to be way cool! Sali Oguri left a comment under my post about the girl that took a hammer to her would be rapist.

Who is Sali Oguri? I had no idea until yesterday evening when I read her comment.She is a New York musician that, apparently, makes music and scent. She also has some very good insights into womanhood. Her observations in my blog were so interesting, I went to read her profile, which led me to her website, her music and her perfume.

I was captivated with her music almost immediately. It is what I would call Asian Fusion. There are elements of classic jazz, 80s rock, and ancient Asian sounds. The result is intoxicating. I immediately purchased her album, Pink Manhattan: Sensorium of Sight and Scent Act I, and a sample of her perfume, Pink Manhattan. I am usually not a perfume girl. I have trouble with perfume--namely most of it doesn't mix well with my chemistry and I end up smelling like a grandma that's rolled in too much lavender. Still, anything that sounds as cool as
Pink Manhattan might actually be ok.

I just wish she'd make it a drink. I can see myself sitting at a bar sipping on a
Pink Manhattan. Just the thought of doing that makes me giggle a bit. It just sounds so...sexy.


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