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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My fifteen minutes must be coming in thirty second increments!

I suddenly have an idea of how Joey in Friends must have felt when his character on Days of Our Lives, Dr. Drake was summarily murdered on the show. No, really, it's not quite that bad...

All that stuff with the cameras following us, them interview all three of us, and the final edit gives me thirty seconds. Actually, I think it rocks that Mike and Lorraine got all the camera time. They are really awesome folks, and deserve some publicity. I had a feeling that this was going to happen by the way the director kept the camera following them and kept me out of some of the shots. Guess it goes to prove that I really might have a face for the internet and radio, but not for tv. It was a great piece, and I hope everyone that watched it really enjoyed watching us try to be realistic.

The kids were happy that I was on tv at all. Stuart was all excited. "My mom's on tv!" So, I guess it worked out. Gina was outraged that I didn't get more air time, but I thought it was rather funny.

I just wish they'd mentioned my blogs--either one of them. The one thing I wanted to happen with this CNN thing is to get a boost in readership. Not that numbers matter, I'd rather have a few readers that are faithful and will actually post comments than a million readers that are nonparticipatory. Still, it would have been cool to think that maybe a few more dedicated readers might have joined the mayhem. Oh well, maybe next time I'll get on for a whole minute! If you're interested in reading my thirty seconds of fame, you can check out the transcript.

Thanks for all the kind words and general support during this strange little excursion. Thank goodness I don't have to move to Hollywood!


  • At 8:23 AM, Blogger K.D. Rose said…

    I saw that item and you were all great in it. I think the only reason the other two were featured primarily is obvious: they are closer to the same age and fulfill the idea of a "spouse" role. If you'd been the other half, it would have looked more like a father-daughter and that's not an appropriate image in this context!


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