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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Welcome to the "Month of Luv"

The onslaught has begun, ladies. You know what I'm talking about. Turn on any T.V., radio, or computer that's connected to the Internet, and suddenly, in your face, is that all-encompassing symbol of the kind of love that lasts past the first date, the first kiss, the first--well, you know. Yes, it is the beautiful "diamond surrounded by rubies" set that every jeweler in town swears that you want for Valentine's Day.

I heard my first Valentine's Day ad on the radio about two weeks ago. It was Tom Shane,
a local jeweler who has made about a gazillion dollars off of men who are in love and women who encourage their men to buy them beautiful jewelry. Honestly, I like Tom. Tom is an "old friend" so to speak. He and I go way back to the eighties, when I was in college. He has a rather plain vanilla voice that is funny, mostly because it's very deadpan. I had a friend, Steve Elliot, who did a perfect, dead-on Tom Shane imitation. We would run announcements at the Student Center and he would do Tom's voice. It was great! I don't resent that Tom wants to sell his jewelry. If I had a serious sweetie, I'd even want him to shop with Tom. You have to admire a jeweler that travels all over the world and picks the stones himself.

The second Valentine's Day ad I actually saw on TV. It was from Kay Jeweler's(you know, "Every kiss begins with Kay").The thing that makes me crazy about the Kay ads is that they are actually romantic and nice. I usually cry over them and I am never really sure if I'm crying because I am moved by the romantic moments being played out before me or if I'm actually moved by jealousy because I know that this is going to be one more Valentine's Day when I won't get a box of anything from anyone except my kids and my dad.

In my move to be more visible, I have had to change my attitude a bit about Valentine's Day. This is a difficult shift for me because for a very, very long time I have loathed Valentine's Day and all things concerning its celebration. I deluded myself by saying that I hated it because it was a purely commercial holiday that pushed us to say "I love you" when we should be saying that to our partners, lovers, boyfriends, girlfriends, and everyone that means anything to us every day. Now, in 2006, I have to honestly admit it--I hate Valentine's Day because I am jealous. I'm so embarrassed, but I have to admit it. I want roses, chocolates, and yes, even the ruby and diamond sets that the jewelers push on all of us this time of year. Of course, to get any of that, I have to change my attitude, right? I don't want anyone to think I'm "cold" or "unromantic" (if you saw my office, you'd know I was far from unromantic). People tell me I need to open myself up for romance. The only problem is that I can't find the key to open the door. Maybe I'll find the key if I just keep looking.

As part of my effort to open myself to this holiday, I went poking around the net and found a whole history of Valentine's Day. I guess if I want to reconnect, I should at least understand the history of the holiday, right? Then I found it! The History Channel has a whole huge article on the history of the day. This is heartening (I think I made a funny). Valentine's Day has everything to do with a man doing the right thing in spite of a powerful Caesar, getting a girlfriend, and dying for what he believes in. So, this holiday really shouldn't be about romance at all! It should be about men (and women) doing their best, and standing for their beliefs. I can love Valentine's Day again! YES!

Still, a ruby and diamond pendant would be an especially nice way of having someone "do the right thing."


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