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Thursday, January 19, 2006

What do you mean "a woman visible?"

Welcome to my newest journal! If you are familiar with my original journal, The Other Invisible,
then you may know that this new journal connects to that original journal. For those of you that are new, let me explain myself and, in the process, explain this new journal.

When I started The Other Invisible, it was with the premise that I was a thirty-something, divorced woman who felt very invisible in a society that celebrates--no, worships women that are young and attractive. Since I started in June of 2005, I've learned quite a bit about myself and about how I am actually perceived. One of the things that I've learned is that, perhaps, I'm not as invisible as I thought I was, and, sadly, I may have contributed to my own invisibility.

Just as I originally wondered if other women felt invisible, I now wonder if other women have fallen into the trap of seeing themselves as invisible, and therefore causing themselves to be so. With that in mind, I have determined that this journal will be dedicated to sharing articles, and reviewing books that uplift single women and revealhow beautiful, adventurous, captivating, and strong they really can be.

This is not a journal that is going to try and tell you what to do. As Wil Wheaton
says often, "I'm not the boss of you." I can't tell you how to be a better woman. I can't tell you how to get a man. I can't tell you how to be a perfect woman. What I can do is share ideas that will help you to maybe see yourself in new and different ways.

I see this as a journey that is as much mine as it is anyone's.

Let's see if we can be seen in a new and brighter light.


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